About me

I am a writer and researcher currently based in Cyprus, where I am working as a research assistant at the Cyprus Institute. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from Brown University in May 2020, where I concentrated in Archaeology and the Ancient World (as a member of the Engaged Scholars Program) and also completed an Independent Concentration in Critical Thought and Global Social Inquiry. In 2019–20 I was an Undergraduate Fellow at the Cogut Institute for the Humanities.

My writing has appeared in Eidolon and The Point magazine. My research projects have included an NSF-funded study of medieval North Atlantic textiles using isotopic analysis; a project on John Wesley Gilbert, a classicist and the first African-American to earn a graduate degree from Brown; and a study of Agios Sozomenos, an abandoned village near Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. In my senior honors thesis, I explored the concept of “world-making” by focusing on Hannah Arendt, a twentieth-century German-Jewish political philosopher, and the Khoi-San, an indigenous people of South Africa. At Brown, I also served as an undergraduate representative on the College Curriculum Council and played clarinet for four years in the Brown University Orchestra. For the past six years, I have also been an active volunteer in the European Youth Parliament, a peer-to-peer educational program that runs events in 40 European countries. For more examples of my work, please see my CV and my portfolio.